Effortless Tire & Wheel Cleaner


Note: Non-Acid, Non-Corrosive & Alkaline formula. Safe and extremely effective for cleaning tires/wheels & draws out the “blooming” (browning of tire). Safe for chrome, powder coated, painted, & alloy wheels.


Our Effortless Tire & Wheel Cleaner is a highly concentrated acid-free cleaner designed to dissolve brake dust and road grime on contact. It is safe and easy to use on most wheel types including factory painted, clear coated, and chrome rims. Effortless quickly breaks down heavy contaminants with minimal need for scrubbing!


Product Application:

Ensure that the surface is cool prior to use. Recommended 2:1 dilution for mild contamination, with increased/decreased dilution depending on contamination/soil level.

First, wet the wheel/tire. Spray directly onto the tire/wheel and allow product to sit for 3-5 minutes to break down contaminants. Using a wheel/tire cleaning brush, agitate the tire to loosen contaminants. Rinse with high-pressure water

**Mask and/or respirator is recommended
**Use of latex gloves is recommended
**Use of eye protection is recommended


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