Victory Lap Graphene Spray *New Formula!*


Note: Ensure you are performing the application in a well ventilated area. Do not smell product!
Victory Lap is an extremely hydrophobic Graphene spray coating with true Graphene technology that was created for professionals and DIYers alike.
Our product is easy to use so that can be installed by almost anyone and will still deliver professional results.
Victory Lap can be used as a standalone coating, a maintenance coat for an existing 9H ceramic coating, or a maintenance coat for an existing Graphene coating.
Victory Lap can not only protect your vehicle’s paint but it also works great on wheels.
‣ Extremely slick coat repels contaminants and water helping prevent harmful water spotting
‣ Adds supreme gloss, shine, and depth
‣ Protects surfaces for up to 1 year, not weeks!
‣ Fast & easy application process
‣ Coated surfaces clean off with ease


Product Application

For a controlled application, spray Graphene Spray Coating onto a clean microfiber towel or coating applicator. You may spray the coating directly onto a panel, however, be cautious of over-spray to avoid high spots. Work the product into the panel using a cross-hatch pattern (side-to-side, top-to-bottom) to ensure even coverage. You will notice the product flash/rainbow on the surface. Continue wiping to ensure coating is fully and evenly distributed.

**Mask and/or respirator should be worn
**Use of latex gloves is recommended
**Use of eye protection is recommended


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